Runnism Announcement

New world religions are not born every year. Yet, 2009, was different. In this year, a new religion saw the light of day. It is called Runnism, the Religion of Running.

Born out of the mental peace of mind instilled by long-distance running, Runnism worships physical well-being. It starts from a simple insight: looking at running as a religion holds the promise of a happier, more energetic everyday life.

Classical religions are role models for Runnism. Be it Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism or any other religion, practitioners testify of inner peace, a sense of belonging, fulfillment and a deeper meaning in life. Religion can provide consolation in times of hardship. Religion provides simple answers to some of the most pressing questions in life. From a non-believer perspective, practising a religion may pose some constraints on everyday life — dietary constraints, daily routines and other limitations. Believers are gladly willing to accept these, as they perceive the rewards to be greater than the loss.

Running is no different. And that’s where Runnism comes in. Of course, Runnism isn’t a true religion, and it is compatible with any of today’s world religions, as well as with atheism. Runnists are tolerant and respectful of true religions, while at the same time approaching life with a light heart and lots of humour. Runnism is fun!

Religion is important for man. And runnism derives its power from the analogy with religion.