The Seven Steps of Runnism

Islam builds on Five Pillars. In Buddhism, there are Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path. For Judaism and Christianity, the Ten Commandments form a moral foundation.

Runnism has steps, seven of them.

The Seven Steps of Runnism form the Creed of the Religion of Running.

A true Runnist

  1. lives life to the fullest
  2. values long-term health
  3. understands well-being doesn’t come without sacrifice
  4. competes only against his or her earlier self
  5. improves gradually, not overnight
  6. may occasionally feel pain but seldom suffers
  7. sees running as a gift, not a burden

Runnism worships physical well-being.


  1. Username* says:

    as i became older i took more religious elements from running… when i’d go on distance runs i’d take a much more religious perspective than i did when i was younger… i agree with the view that running is a gift and not a burden… when i was young i took it for granted… running can save you…

  2. Username* says:

    a person can use running as a religion to fix weaknesses in their body and character whether it be a negative habit or a sickness…running is about bettering yourself as a person… to me it’s not so much about running a specific time for a specific distance as I’ve gotten older… it’s a way to enjoy life and improve as a person… it’s a way to gain acceptance from god… running is a way to get out of a purgatory so to speak… there is always hiking, biking, swimming and weightlifting for a change of pace too… it’s necessary sometimes for older runners dealing with old injuries…

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